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High School Team Previews:
A Really BIG  Task Ahead--(Oct. 5, 1998)

It's that time of the year again, time for SoCalHoops to begin our high school team previews. When we started to compile the list of the teams we will be profiling, we realized just how daunting a task this will be.   We've already set up meetings with a lot of the coaches of teams we'll be profiling, and we anticipate that between now and November 30, when the first official games can get underway (practice doesn't officially start until the 14th of November) we just might have covered about 1/2 to 2/3 of the teams we intend to preview.  Hopefully these will be previews, and not reviews, as we'll try to get most of them out before the season starts.  We intend to include virtually every league champion team from Southern Section and City Section, most of the Southern Section and City playoff teams, a smattering of San Diego CIF Section teams, some from Central Section CIF (e.g., Bakersfield and Fresno area), and all of the State Championship playoff teams, and those who we think will challenge for titles this year.

Bear with us as these previews start to trickle out, because we've got a ton of teams to cover.  Hey, we're trying.  Oh, and   if you think there's a team you'd like to see profiled (especially you folks in that black hole of a place that calls itself "San Diego" where no news gets in or out about prep hoops) feel free to send us your own report.  Who knows, with a little editing, we might just put it up here at SoCalHoops.

Stay tuned. The teams are coming. The teams are coming. The teams are coming.

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